Volunteering- What It's All About

Volunteering- What It's All About

Using MyFreeTutor, volunteer tutors can share their knowledge and help students succeed in Algebra.  Tutors are assigned to one or two students and meet with the same students each week. Not only are you helping a struggling learner, you develop a relationship with the students that you tutor on a weekly basis. All interaction occurs virtually, over our MyFreeTutor website, using a virtual whiteboard.

How do I know what to teach?

Teachers share information about topics in which individual students need reinforcement, allowing tutors to customize instruction.  There are also a variety of Common Core State Standard aligned problems in each classroom that you can use with your students.

Will it fit in my schedule?

Tutoring sessions are 60 minutes, once a week. Volunteers are needed weekdays. Scheduling is flexible, and because all tutoring is virtual, you can work from the comfort of your own home or office! Contact myfreetutor@rsvpmc.org if you can help! 

Not able to commit to an hour per week?

Volunteer to be a STEM Presenter and join our Bureau of STEM Speakers! If you have a background in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, then we need you! 

What is a STEM Presentation?

Our STEM Presentations are talks given by professionals with backgrounds in the fields of Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology. These fields are changing the world, and we need to encourage more children to pursue them. That's where you come in. 

How does it work?

STEM Presentations are given to Middle and High School students in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware counties, as well as Philadelphia Public Schools. Your STEM Presentation will be about an hour long, during the school day. You can present solo, or with a small group of colleagues. You will provide your audience with information about your field and open the floor to questions. An hour is a long time for teenagers to sit still, so we encourage you to incorporate a hands-on component or demonstration to really spark their interest. 

You have the power to help change a life! Contact our Program Coordinator at anabella_myfreetutor@rsvpmc.org 0r 610-834-1040, ext. 126.


What are the benefits?

Tutoring with MyFreeTutor is virtual. That means that it is done completely online. It is easy to fit into your schedule and you can tutor directly from your office or the comfort of your own home.

What do you need to tutor?

What does it take to be a My Free Tutor? It mostly requires a desire to make a difference in a student's life. 

Tutoring struggling students, both high schoolers and Veterans, will allow you to form a personal connection with your student and feel the personal satisfaction of making a real difference. You’ll also get to brush up on your math skills!



1.      Be a "Math Role Model":


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