Another example of a virtual tutoring session.


An example of a virtual tutoring session describing "order of operations".


Video describes how to notify the Program Coordinator if you will be on vacation or unavailable to tutor.  (Note: if less than 24 hours notice, please contact us by phone 610-834-1040 Ext 26.  Thanks!)

Video describes how to enter your virtual classroom to start your tutor session.

Training video for tutors explains how and where to enter your tutor session notes at the end of each tutoring session.  

Short video describes how to view comments that a student may have written indicating what they would like to review in their upcoming tutoring session. 

Scribblar allows for multiple "pages" in each room.  This allows the tutor to organize tutoring sessions by creating a new page for each session.  Pages can be saved and students can go back to review information that was covered in previous tutoring sessions. 

 A quick tip to help keep the information that you type on your whiteboard protected.

Here's a website with teacher and student produced instructional videos in algebra and other areas of math



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