Why MyFreeTutor?

Personalized Tutoring for High School Students and Military Veterans

1.      Be a "Math Role Model":


In order to become a tutor with My Free Tutor, you will need to pass the 25-question Tutor Qualification Test. It may have been a while since you took Algebra! Not to worry, the test is open book.

Tutoring struggling students, both high schoolers and Veterans, will allow you to form a personal connection with your student and feel the personal satisfaction of making a real difference. You’ll also get to brush up on your math skills!



The answers you are looking for!


Make Sense of Math!

Do negative numbers leave you numb? The Quadratic Equation leave you quizzical? Are you unsure what imaginary numbers even are? If so, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to MyFreeTutor, a groundbreaking new way to help high school students and Military Veterans learn math- for free!

How does it work?

Using MyFreeTutor, volunteer tutors can share their knowledge and help students succeed in Algebra.  Tutors are assigned to one or two students and meet with the same students each week. Not only are you helping a struggling learner, you develop a relationship with the students that you tutor on a weekly basis. All interaction occurs virtually, over our MyFreeTutor website, using a virtual whiteboard.


Do you need math help? MyFreeTutor could be the perfect solution. 

MyFreeTutor's mission is to help students who are struggling with Math. If you could use some extra help and want tutoring that is catered specifically for you and your needs, mention MyFreeTutor to your teacher. 

We would love to bring MyFreeTutor to your school and help you to succeed with the guidance of our excellent Math tutors! 

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