Visit the following link to read information about careers using math. The site gives information about the median salary for the position, educational requirements and potential employers.

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Before you even begin tutoring, you will be trained on how to use MyFreeTutor. The training can be completed online, or the My Free Tutor Coordinator and IT Specialist will come to your school and run an orientation session.

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Please utilize these truly excellent resources including Lesson Videos, Quizzes, Projects, and Real World Applications!

Answers to students frequently asked questions.

Do you need math help? MyFreeTutor could be the perfect solution. 

MyFreeTutor's mission is to help students who are struggling with Math. If you could use some extra help and want tutoring that is catered specifically for you and your needs, mention MyFreeTutor to your teacher. 

We would love to bring MyFreeTutor to your school and help you to succeed with the guidance of our excellent Math tutors! 

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