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Scribblar allows for multiple "pages" in each room.  This allows the tutor to organize tutoring sessions by creating a new page for each session.  Pages can be saved and students can go back to review information that was covered in previous tutoring sessions. 

 A quick tip to help keep the information that you type on your whiteboard protected.

My Free Tutor uses the whiteboard "Scribblar" to communicate between students/tutors.  Tutors and students have the ability to upload documents into their "room" to share with one another.

Video showing how to add "assets" to a "Scribblar" virtual classroom , that is, how to add documents to Scribblar to prepare for a tutoring session.

Whiteboard Basics video showing tools to write on the "Scribblar" whiteboard.

The MyFreeTutor tutoring session page includes "automatic" links to Scribblar.  Each student will have their own Scribblar "room Number" for his/her tutoring sessions.  At the time of the tutoring session, the student and tutor can enter the Scribblar "room" through the through the My Tutor Sessions page..

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