Below you will find various resources and links that will help you prepare for your tutoring session including:

  • Videos which will help you navigate the website.
  • 7 short videos that describe the functions available within the whiteboard application.  
  • Links to the online version of the student's textbook
  • Links to videos created by Kahn Academy.
  • Link to
  • Access to the school calendar.
  • Access to the MFT Google Calendar.
  • Other helpful tips.

Video describes how to enter your virtual classroom to start your tutor session.

Training video for tutors explains how and where to enter your tutor session notes at the end of each tutoring session.  

My Free Tutor uses the whiteboard "Scribblar" to communicate between students/tutors.  Tutors and students have the ability to upload documents into their "room" to share with one another.

Having trouble writing equations with your Mouse?  Use LaTeX instead.

  • —Document Preparation System
  • —Generally used in scientific and tech communities
  • —Pronounced lay-tech
  • —More like typesetting than word processing
  • —Math extensions – Scribblar uses Math Extensions by default
  • —Will allow you to type complex equation


Your Scribblar Reference Page

Click the following link to enter the MyFreeTutor virtual classroom.  Practice using the whiteboard functions.  Have questions on how to use the tools?  Visit the Resource tab to view whiteboard training videos.

Algebra 1 Textbook Instructional Videos and Tests

Khan Academy Algebra Instructional Videos

Here's a website for teacher and student produced instructional videos for algebra and other areas of math