What is My Free Tutor?

What is My Free Tutor?

Did you miss our November Tutors Virtual conference? Click below to view the replay.

Only 30 minutes long and you can find some great tips on how to help your students.  Lookout for our next conference in early February!

MyFreeTutor is virtual tutoring- tutoring that takes place online.

A supplement to classroom learning and curriculum- while MyFreeTutor is not a part of a school’s curriculum, we work with teachers to establish a partnership and ensure that our tutoring is aligned with the students’ needs.

Innovative!- Math is made fun using internet-based learning technology to learn math from a new perspective

Making math relevant!- STEM is a buzzword these days. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are the next big things, the fields to get into. MyFreeTutor makes math relevant by pairing students with tutors who use math and STEM in their everyday lives, broadening their horizons and allowing students to see the potential for math in the real world.