Tutor Requirements

Tutor Requirements

What does it take to be a My Free Tutor? It mostly requires a desire to make a difference in a student's life. 

What do you need to do?

Fill out and submit the Tutor Application. The Program Coordinator will reach out to you once you have submitted your application.

Pass the Tutor Qualification Test. It may have been a while since you took Algebra! Feel free to brush up on your math skills while you work through the test by using the video links at the end of the test or the links here on this site. 

You will need to fill out and return three background checks, the cost of which will be covered by RSVP. The state of Pennsylvania requires a Criminal Background Check, a Child Abuse Check, and an FBI Background Check which will require fingerprints. 

You need to have about two hours to spare each week, one for your tutoring session and another for lesson preparation.

Before you can begin tutoring, you will need to attend an online training and orientation session to learn how to use MyFreeTutor and our virtual whiteboard, Scribblar. You can get a sneak peak of how Scribblar works here or try it out for yourself

Contact the Program Coordinator for details and to register at Anabella_myfreetutor@rsvpmc.org or 610-834-1040, ext. 126. 


·         Required - PC or Mac running a current supported O/S, current browser, current version of Adobe Flash Player and a USB headset with microphone (Plantronics Blackwire C320 or equivalent).  Flash Player and the headset is needed to interact with the student whiteboard.

·         Recommended - High speed internet connection, current anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

We also require you to agree to have no personal communication outside of your tutoring session with your student. Confidentiality is maintained by identifying students and tutors alike by their first name and last initial.

Finally, please do not share your password to the online Algebra 1 textbook.

These requirements have been established to maximize your personal satisfaction and your effectiveness as a tutor, to maintain the safety and security of the students, and to protect the publishers’ copyright protection.