Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Students' Frequently Asked Questions

How does the tutoring program work?

  • The tutoring session uses Scribblar, an online meeting program.  The MFT program coordinator will establish a Scribblar "classroom" password for each student; the student and tutor may enter the room/session through My Tutor Sessions page on the web site.  Each room/session includes a chat box feature to use if audio connection is temporarily lost. Information entered by the tutor and student is maintained by the Scribblar program.
  • The program coordinator will use the web site to schedule the tutoring sessions for the tutors and students. 
  • Several days before each tutoring session, the student should go to the My Tutor Sessions page of to click on the upcoming scheduled tutoring session and enter into the Students Comments box information that will tell the tutor what help is needed. For example, the student may refer to pages or questions in the textbook.  The tutor has access to an on-line version of the book.  The information that the student provides will help the tutor prepare for the tutoring session.

What are the tutor’s qualifications? 

  • Your tutor is a volunteer, qualified to tutor in algebra, by having mastered a 25-question, comprehensive test that encompasses the course content.  The tutor has gained their algebra knowledge by learning it in high school and college.  The tutor is committed to providing the student with the help needed to master Algebra 1.  The student’s success is the volunteer tutor’s reward.
  • All tutors have passed a criminal and child abuse background check.

Can the tutor communicate with me outside of a tutoring session?

  • No.  The tutor and student communicate only within the e-tutoring session and may not share any personal information.  The tutor and student do not have each other’s identity or email address.  The MyFreeTutor program coordinator confidentially maintains encrypted identifying information for student and tutor. 
  • Student and tutors will be known to each other by their first name and first letter of their last name.
  • Student may request additional sessions during another study hall or outside of the study hall environment, perhaps after school or in the evening. The request for these additional session/s is made through the program coordinator.

Can I change tutors if my tutor is not helpful?

  • The student may ask to change tutor by contacting his/her classroom teacher.  The teacher will then discuss the change with the program coordinator.
  • A student’s tutor may change throughout the program.  If a tutor’s work or personal schedule conflicts with a tutoring session, a  fully qualified substitute tutor will tutor.

How will my progress be measured?

  • The classroom teacher will measure the student's progress based on performance on  tests, homework assignments and class participation.

How will my tutor's effectiveness be measured and assessed?

  • Your success in classroom tests and homework assignments is a measure of your tutor’s effectiveness, but you the student are primarily and ultimately responsible for your learning.  You must discuss questions and problems with your tutor during the tutoring session so the tutor can help with your exact needs.  Tutors will meet together in a conference call with your classroom teacher from time to time to review the effectiveness of the tutoring program and share best practices.

What can I tell my teacher and fellow students about my tutor?

  • You can and should discuss your tutor and tutoring experience with your teacher and classmates.  These discussions will help the student, tutor, and teacher to improve the process and ensure greater academic success for the students.  As students, you know what instructional and tutoring techniques work best to help you understand the subject.  Please share with your teacher and fellow students the tutor techniques that work and do not work.  

What do I need to do to prepare for a tutoring session?

  • Prior to the start of the program, a My Free Tutor representative will come to your classroom and provide a training session on the "mechanics" of establishing and conducting a Scribblar tutoring session.    
  • Agree to have no personal communication outside of the tutoring session with your tutor.  The tutors and students will be known to each other by their first name and initial letter of their last name.
  • Prepare for each tutoring session by giving your tutor a short description of the subject matter area where you are asking for assistance.  The website includes the My Tutor Sessions page that allows you to tell your tutor what assistance you need.