Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Tutors' Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the tutoring program?

  • MyFreeTutor is designed to ensure that high school students and Veterans pass their Math courses and gain self confidence in their ability to tackle and understand difficult subjects. Passing Math will expand students' career choices to all areas of business, finance, science, technology, engineering and math.

How does the tutoring program work?

  • Tutor sessions are launched though the website.  Sessions are monitored for quality and safety purposes. 
  • The tutoring session uses Scribblar, an on-line meeting program.  The MFT Program Coordinator will establish a user name and password for each user. Each room/session includes a shared whiteboard with a chat function. Communication is done through an audio headset with microphone. There is no camera/video capability.
  • The student can enter information online to communicate to the tutor which areas they need help in. The Program Coordinator will provide tutors with course material when available.
  • Tutors will have access to any course material provided by the partner school. In addition, the tutor may use online reference materials – videos and sample questions from the text book publisher and videos from Khan Academy and MathTV.  A directory of these on-line resources is located on the Resources page.  

What qualifications are needed to be a tutor? 

  • All tutors will be qualified by their successful completion of a 25 question test that covers basic Algebra.  
  • All tutors must also pass the Pennsylvania state-mandated Criminal History Record Check, Child Abuse Clearance, and FBI Background Check, paid for by the program.
  • Tutors must be sensitive to the needs of students who are having difficulty in learning Algebra.  Successful tutors are flexible, friendly, optimistic, and patient.
  • In the event that there is a conflict in your schedule and you are unable to tutor on your assigned day, please contact the My Free Tutor Coordinator so that we may arrange for a substitute tutor or re-schedule the session.  

What equipment is required? 

  • A computer with access to the internet. 
  • Flashplayer software required (free download available online).
  • A USB headset that has a microphone. 

What training is available? 

  • All tutors are trained in to use the Scribblar classroom by the Program Coordinator or IT Specialist.
  • Subject matter training is available in the on-line resources noted in the “How does the tutoring program work” question above. 
  • Training for Scribblar is included in videos on the Tutor and Reference pages of the web site.
  • The MyFreeTutor program coordinator will schedule periodic tutor community meetings/conference calls with the classroom teacher to share information and to relate and develop tutoring best practices. 

How much of my time is required? 

  • The program includes a weekly 60 minute tutoring session with a student, plus an extra 30 to 60 minutes a week to prepare for the tutoring session. 

Can the student communicate with me outside of a tutoring session?

  • No.  The tutors and students are permitted to communicate only within the Scribblar tutoring session and are not permitted to communicate any personal information.  

How will I know if my tutoring is successful?

  • If your student is succeeding in their classroom, on homework and tests, you are doing something right! The best way to gauge the success of your tutoring is to talk to your students, and perhaps build in an assessment to test their progress. 

Can I change students if my student is not cooperative?

  • The tutor may request a student change by contacting the Program Coordinator.

Will my computer be secure? 


  • Yes.  The Scribblar on-line meeting program includes a firewall that protects the computers of all participants.