Classroom Pacing for Algebra I - Norristown

Classroom Pacing for Algebra I - Norristown

Tutors may find it helpful to review the information that the student is learning in the classroom in order to anticipate potential questions or be prepared to review that information in the tutoring session.  Many students find it beneficial to experience the materials in an alternate format such as virtually in order to reinforce what they learned in the classroom.  

The following lists the classroom topics that will be covered through winter break.  To the right of the topic is the textbook chapter where the information is available.  The textbook can be accessed through the following website link (requiring a user name and password which will be assigned by the coordinator):


Algebra Schedule for November and December


Chapter 5:

  • Functions: graphing them, creating tables, and writing function rules. 
  • Direct and inverse variation.


Chapter 6:

Linear equations and Their graphs.  We will start with rate of change and slope, then we will write an equation in Slope-Intercept form and standard form.  We will also discuss parallel and perpendicular lines.