LaTeX Video Notes and Examples

  • —Document Preparation System
  • —Generally used in scientific and tech communities
  • —Pronounced lay-tech
  • —More like typesetting than word processing
  • —Math extensions – Scribblar uses Math Extensions by default
  • —Will allow you to type complex equation

LaTeX is a very comprehensive typesetting system.  Scribblar, however, uses a small, but powerful subset that is well worth the time to learn  how it can be of benefit to you.

By the way, LaTeX mathematical equations can be pasted into the Wolfram Alpha application to return information about the equation which, in many cases, will return a graph of the equation. 


LaTeX Video Notes and Examples

LaTeX "Cheat Sheet"

Andrew Roberts - Getting to Grips with LaTeX: Mathematics - Part 1

Andrew Roberts - Getting to Grips with LaTeX: Home Page

Andrew Roberts - LaTeX Mathematical Symbols

LaTeX Project Home Page


Using Wolfram Alpha with LaTeX

Video: Using LaTeX with Scribblar